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Are you ready for a transformative journey that impacts both your professional life as an educator and your personal well-being? Join our four-week book series, "Real Love: Strategies for Reaching Students Who See No Way Out." In your professional life, this book series will help you cultivate inclusive classrooms that celebrate diversity through the creation of engaging and authentic learning experiences. Over the course of four weeks, Alexes is going to walk you through the secret to building trusting environments that foster resilience and prepare your students for an ever-changing world. But we can't forget about what you need in this ever-changing world, right? I got you! Your well-being is essential to a welcoming learning space, so you gotta take care of you! Through our time together, you will become the master of achieving work-life balance and reducing stress. With these tools in place, you'll enhance communication and personal relationships, ignite your personal growth and community engagement, and begin taking the necessary steps to transform your life while you transform the lives of others. This series is your roadmap to balance, fulfillment, and a life that positively impacts your students and your well-being. Register now for this life-changing journey!

Meet Alexes M. Terry

Wife| Mom| Educator | Author |

Lead Consultant/Certified Health Coach

Alexes Terry

Alexes M. Terry is an educator with over a decade of experience in education. She is the founder of TwistED Teaching Educational Consulting Company and the author of the book Real Love: Strategies for Reaching Students When They See No Way Out. Currently, Alexes is the Director of Clinical Faculty/Senior Professorial Lecturer for a non-profit educator preparation program. In addition to her role in the non-profit sector, Alexes is a published researcher, sought-out consultant, and keynote speaker. Her research focuses on cultivating and sustaining culturally responsive learning spaces for students in urban schools and instructional coaching for developing highly effective urban educators. Her latest publication focuses on the concept of modeling and mentoring in teacher preparation programs and will be published in 2023. Alexes is also a certified health coach who specializes in integrative nutrition. As a health coach, she marries her passion for education and wellness to guide educators in caring for their social, emotional, and cultural needs so they can meet the unique needs of their students. In 2019, Alexes was named as the Teacher of the Year for the Garland Area Alliance of Black School Educators and, more recently, she was awarded the 2023 Leadership ISD Civic Fellow of the Year Award.  When she is not teaching or learning, Alexes enjoys spending time with her four beautiful children and husband (who is a high school English teacher and Head Basketball Coach) eating out, working out, sightseeing in Dallas, and spending a quiet evening in the house binging Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dive.


Transformative for Urban Educators


Alexes Terry, a product of hard work, love, and struggle in her life, has written her breakout book to educators, not to provide a quick fix, but to reimagine the teaching of our nations youth. Using strategies based on loyalty, authenticity, and culturally relevant teaching (to name a few), Terry creates an acronym for educators to keep in follow in order to truly teach children, specifically urban youth, and help them reach their true potential. Terry’s powerful personal testimony embodies the tenets of R.E.A.L L.O.V.E., making the book not just informative, but transformative. No matter what type of educator you already are, this book empowers you to become more aware of your own practices, and to improve upon them, or add to them. For those who already have similar pedagogy, this book validates, nearly characterizes, and invigorates, inspiring many to push farther and continue in their practices. And for educators who struggle to reach their students, this book provides an awakening in simple, easy to understand demonstration of how following the practices of R.E.A.L L.O.V.E. can revamp teaching instruction, and truly educate students on an amplified level- essentially helping students to see and reach their full potential. And for all the educators in between, this book can be the push- the motivation to do more, to be better, to try from a new perspective. Terry, has laid the foundation for her work, and I look forward to her next steps in educating educators.

Don't Count Any Student Out

Melody McAllister

Alexes Terry has a way of reaching right into your heart and mind and transporting you to her world growing up in south central LA. We underestimate kids growing up in “hoods” but when given the chance to shine, they bring forth talents and abilities born from their life experiences that add to all of ours. Don’t count any student out. If you aren’t sure how to reach them, start here! Alexes Terry gives real strategies to implement into your classroom for your students.

Great Read for Educators!

Jenna M.

This book dives deep into musts for educators (especially in urban schools), but more importantly, provides educators with the how part of the equation. The strategies in this book don’t require elaborate resources or planning, but they are new and creative. And, since they are presented between portions of the author’s personal story, the objective of the strategies is clear. I very much enjoyed reading this book, and I will certainly refer back to it throughout my teaching career!

Must Read Book!

Tenasia P.

Great anecdotes and strategies that are REAL and that show scholars real love. Recommended for all grade levels and teaching backgrounds.

The Coaching Was Life Altering

Connie W.

I truly enjoyed working with Alexes over a 6 month period starting in February 2022. She helped me work towards my goals of improving work/life balance, losing weight, and getting more sleep by teaching me to better manage my time, set priorities, and control my emotions. The biggest change I noticed since beginning the program was the ability to wake up earlier and get into a productive morning routine, something I'd never done before...I am NOT a morning person at all! I would describe Alexes as more than my coach, she was a part of my village that I relied on to make it through some difficult life decisions and quell my anxiousness over having surgery. I would recommend Alexes to anyone who is looking for life-altering advice and a compassionate accountability partner.

This Book Study is a Critical Need for Educators!

S. Zachary (Principal)

In this engaging session, Alexes used the concept of REAL LOVE to provide a foundation for my teachers to understand culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy in a relatable manner. Her personal story is captivating and one that every educator needs to hear. Her presentation style was energetic and hands-on in which she use various engagement strategies to connect with audience. This professional development served as a kickoff to our book study on culturally responsive teaching. Alexes' personal story coupled with emphasis on key classroom and instructional strategies gave our teachers insight behind the work we do and why it is so critical.

Alexes Inspired Me to Get Back on Track

Brandy W. (Educator/LPC)

Following Alexes on IG inspired me to get back on track with my wellness journey. Alexes’s words of inspiration, transparency & authenticity as a wife, mother & entrepreneur helped me to connect with her as a woman--this is why I would definitely recommend Alexes to others!

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    Course Introduction

    • REAL LOVE Course Introduction

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    Lesson 01: Relationships Rooted in Respect

    • Building Relationships Rooted in Respect

    • Real Love Online Course Workbook (5)

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    • Student Teacher Relationship Self Assessment_Handout [Autosaved]

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    [COMING SOON] Nurturing Your Personal Well-being to Increase Your Teacher Impact

    • Overview of Live Session

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    Lesson 02: Engaging Students in a Culturally Relevant, Responsive, and Realistic Manner

    • Engaging Students in a Culturally Relevant, Responsive, and Realistic Manner

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    • Seven Cs of Effective Teaching

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    [COMING SOON] Connecting with Your Authentic Self to Promote Authenticity in the Classroom

    • Creating Authentic Learning Experiences

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    Lesson 03: Engaging Students in an Authentic Manner

    • Authenticity in Our Interactions and Instruction

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    • TwistED Teaching_Defining Transformational and Authentic

    • What's In Your DNA Teacher Reflection

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    [COMING SOON]: Learning To Trust Yourself in to Cultivate and Sustain Trusting Learning Environment

    • Cultivating and Sustaining Trusting Learning Environments

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    Lesson 04: Creating a Learning Environment That Meets the Needs of ALL Students

    • Creating Learning Environments That Meet the Diverse Needs of Students

    • Real Love Online Course Workbook (4)

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    • Responsive and Inclusive Learning Environment Checklist

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    [COMING SOON]: Envision and Preparing for a Future You Deserve to Live

    • Live Session #4: Preparing Students for a Future They Cannot Currently See

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  • Is there a book that goes along with this course?

    This course is based on my recent book Real Love: Strategies for Reaching Students When They See No Way Out and highly recommended while engaging in the four-week book series/group coaching.

  • Is this course refundable?

    Refund Policy: We appreciate your commitment to transforming your classroom and your life through our online course. Please be aware that because copyrighted material is included in this course, once this course has been purchased, no refunds will be issued. We understand the importance of your investment, and we are dedicated to providing valuable content and support throughout your learning journey. If you have any questions or concerns about the policy, please reach out to our customer support team, and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you for choosing TwistED Teaching. We look forward to supporting your educational goals.

  • Is there a second part to this course?

    Yes, there is a second part to this course coming soon! The second half of this course will focus on transforming your classroom and your life through the concept of LOVE. Once you purchase this course, you will have access to the content added.

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